Leadership Formation

The Leadership Formation Program is a core program of the ASMPH aimed at the formation of the Ateneo Doctor. The ASMPH leadership formation program is implemented through the leadership classes and mentoring sessions for the students which are designed in an integrated manner to ensure that the students are provided with opportunities for learning self- awareness, self-mastery, discernment, other-centeredness and how to engage the world.

The Formation Program aims to form ASMPH students into discerning professionals by deepening their understanding and application of concepts delivered in the Leadership Course. It is through coaching and mentoring that they are able to set goals in connection with the leadership content and apply these leadership principles in their lives as students.

Each student is assigned a coach/mentor who will journey with him/her during the five years of medical school. Coaches and mentors are tasked to generate insight and deepen the student’s self-awareness to lead to an alignment of attitude and behavior to the ASMPH Leadership goals. The Program ensures the integrated application of leadership learnings in the professional environment.