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The ASMPH Library serves the needs of the academic community of the Ateneo de Manila University – Professional Schools, specifically, the students, faculty, staff, and administrators of the ASMPH. The ASMPH Library collection supports in-depth research and graduate-level work for subjects relating to basic medical sciences and clinical medicine, public health, and business management. It provides on- and off-campus access to electronic databases as well as statistical and anti-plagiarism software. The ASMPH Library also serves as the repository of student-academic outputs. The Information Counter and Reserve Collection is located at the 4th floor of the ASMPH Building. The General Circulation Collection Area, Digital Hubs and Learning Hubs are located at the 5th floor.


The task of collection development is a joint responsibility among the ASMPH Librarian, the ASMPH Library Committee, faculty, and administrators. The ASMPH Library’s collection is composed of books, foreign and local journals, AV materials (DVDs, VCDs), online databases, and newspapers. The collection is organized according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LCCS), and can be searched using the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The ASMPH Library’s total holdings as of July 2021, consist of 20,526 titles and 24,459 volumes. Electronic resources can be accessed simultaneously by an unlimited number of users.

The ASMPH Library uses the Library.Solutions, an automated library system developed by The Library Corporation (TLC). The cataloging module is integrated with the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) as well as the Circulation Module. All computers in the Library are connected to the internet, and wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is available everywhere on campus. Library personnel also assists in Wi-Fi registration of students and faculty.

The Physical Space

The ASMPH Library is a fully air-conditioned, electronic, and Wi-Fi-ready library. It occupies the 4th and 5th floors of the ASMPH building. The ASMPH Library was recently renovated to accommodate more students considering function and aesthetics concurrently. Library furniture and equipment were upgraded and replaced with modern ones. During the planned renovation, makerspace rooms or learning hubs were set up. These rooms provided a space for small group discussions equipped with white boards and projectors.

The 4th floor houses the information counter/reserve section, ten individual computer carrels, a nap area, faculty and staff lounge and the main reading area.

Reading Area

Faculty Lounge

Pugad Idlipan for 30-minute ‘power naps’

The 5th floor houses the general circulation area, two Digital Hubs with 18 computers, three learning hubs and one discussion room. White board and AV equipment are available so students can use the rooms for collaborative and learning activities. The learning hubs can accommodate groups of up to 25 persons.

General Circulation Area

Digital Hub

Learning Hub



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home policies and community quarantine protocols made digital access critical to online learning. Despite the digital inequalities we are facing, libraries are taking creative steps to fulfill their mandate of providing access to information. Initially, ASMPH Library’s mission is to provide collaborative spaces and information sources for shared expertise, learning, and discovery.

The demands of today necessitated a refocusing of the ASMPH Library’s mission. With the guidance of the Dean, the ASMPH Library aimed to become the ASMPH Library 4.0 whose mission is to provide collaborative spaces (both physical and digital) and information sources for shared expertise, learning, and discovery.

Library 4.0 ensures access and connectivity for all bonafide users. Today, librarians will no longer be simply collectors of volumes and references. They are to be competent CURATORS of pertinent materials for teaching, learning and research. They will essentially be in perpetual “search mode” for the best materials and resources by consistently and constantly communicating with their patrons.

With regards to access to library resources, remote and secured access are of paramount importance. Protection to privacy and proprietary materials are also in place. Librarians need not always be present in the physical library space but must be present in the digital space at all times.

Since March 2019, the ASMPH Library has been preparing a one-stop-shop portal for the ASMPH community. The fundamental objective is ease of access to electronic resources. RemoteXS, a cloud-based service that provides a single portal for accessing a variety of e-content, was selected among all the options.

Although the initial objective of providing access was accomplished, the ASMPH Library did not stop there. There were more avenues created for our patrons to be connected to the library. Additional digital media channels were set up aside from the email and Facebook accounts of the ASMPH Library such as Instagram, Twitter and Viber accounts. The ASMPH Library personnel learned how to use photo and video editing tools for better marketing and promotional activities. A document request tab was added in the portal as well so that the students and faculty can easily request for materials not found in the subscribed databases. A curated list of e-books and audio-visual materials based on different subjects per year level is also available in the portal. The ASMPH Library 4.0 Portal is accessible to authorized users via

The Library 4.0 portal enables the ASMPH community to access resources anytime, anywhere. It provides access to the following resources:

You may refer to the curated list of E-Books and AV materials per Year Level per module in the E-Books and AV list tab.

If the resource you’re looking for is not in the database mentioned, you can use the “Document Request” function.

The Ateneo de Manila University TurnItIn subscription now has enabled the Turnitin Draft Coach add-on where you can navigate the issues of similarity and plagiarism as you write and revise your assignments in Google Docs (or copy and paste it into Google Docs from another word processor).

You can also run your data in licensed statistical software by accomplishing the online reservation on Statistical Software Request tab.


ASMPH has 3 plenary classrooms - Chung Te Auditorium, Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) and the 5th Floor Classroom. These are used by the class for their plenary sessions. For MBA classes, the batch is split up into sections.

5th Floor Classroom

Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) at the 2nd Floor

Chung Te Auditorium at the Ground Floor

The ASMPH Laboratories were created in accordance with the Commission and Higher Education Memorandum Order No. 18 Series of 2016 - Article VI Required Resources Section 15,2. The ASMPH Laboratories have the necessary equipment to achieve the desired program outcomes-based on the presented syllabi and projected activities. There are adequate facilities for the students to achieve the skills and competencies for specific learning objectives.

The laboratories are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the ASMPH Campus. The 2nd floor laboratories are used by the Year Level 6 students while the 3rd floor labs are used by YL5. There is also an OB skills laboratory provided for the students prior to exposure to actual patients on the 3rd floor of the campus.

The laboratories are accessible to the students and faculty for the facilitation of various laboratory activities to further hone the skills of the students and become globally competitive. For upkeep of the facilities, all equipment and supplies are well maintained and sufficient for the laboratory needs. The Laboratory Technicians provide the technical support for the laboratory activities.

Big Laboratory

Small Laboratory

5 Header Microscope