Faculty & Staff

Finding Kindred Spirits & Investing in our Human Capital 

The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health places great value in its human resources. It maintains an adequate and qualified human resources team, both academic and non-academic, that enables it to perform its teaching, research, and community service functions in support of its vision and mission. A Human Resources Management Program is in place for the four key dimensions of Human Resource Management and Organization Development - (1) Recruitment, Selection and Hiring, (2) Learning and Development, (3) Performance Evaluation and (4) Rewards and Recognition. 

Faculty Development

The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, guided by our Ignatian principles, is committed to developing faculty into better teachers, better leaders, better people.

The ASMPH Faculty Development Committee is tasked to work with faculty, administrators, staff and students in exploring ways to improve the faculty’s quality of instruction, research and service. It is charged with initiating ideas for faculty growth and improvement and developing a support system for faculty in their efforts to achieve their individual goals. 

It aims to develop faculty members in to better teachers, better leaders and better people through:

1) Professional Development with the aim to encourage faculty to constantly upgrade their professional competencies as teachers, professionals and managers;

2) Ignatian Spirituality, Principles and Values development aimed to allow the faculty to see the different dimensions of their being from an integrative perspective, heavily drawing from Ignatian principles of discernment and Magis;

3) Systems Thinking Development with the aim to broaden the faculty’s capture and understanding of various social and political issues that are needed for them to be social catalysts in their own fields

Staff Development

Employee engagement is a core focus of ASMPH. Creating caring and robust connections between the employees and their work enables our human capital to see the roles they play in the fulfillment of the ASMPH vision and mission. 

The development program for non-teaching personnel focuses on their professional development, values formation, leadership development and health & wellness. 

The Staff Committee is in charge of determining and implementing key activities for the development of the non-teaching personnel. 

Faculty Updates

ASMPH Faculty Platform and Poster Presentations for the 2nd International Conference on Educational Frontiers on November 19-20, 2021.